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    Got a packet bigger than ‘max_allowed_packet

    <Category: mysql> Comments Off on Got a packet bigger than ‘max_allowed_packet

    本文来自: Got a packet bigger than ‘max_allowed_packet


    <Category: mysql> Comments Off on mysql开启远程访问权限错误

    mysql> update user set host =’%’ where user =’root’;
    ERROR 1062 (23000): Duplicate entry ‘%-root’ for key ‘PRIMARY’

    mysql> update user set password = PASSWORD(‘xxx’) where user=’root’
    -> ;
    localhost root


    本文来自: mysql开启远程访问权限错误


    <Category: Linux, mysql> Comments Off on mysql-bin.000001-x

    20K mysql-bin.000001
    700K mysql-bin.000002
    4.0K mysql-bin.000003
    4.0K mysql-bin.000004
    4.0K mysql-bin.000005
    4.0K mysql-bin.000006
    4.0K mysql-bin.000007
    4.0K mysql-bin.000008
    4.0K mysql-bin.000009
    4.0K mysql-bin.000010
    11M mysql-bin.000011
    63M mysql-bin.000012
    368K mysql-bin.000013
    256K mysql-bin.000014
    9.5M mysql-bin.000015
    1.8M mysql-bin.000016
    11M mysql-bin.000017
    508K mysql-bin.000018
    45M mysql-bin.000019
    146M mysql-bin.000020
    86M mysql-bin.000021
    2.2M mysql-bin.000022
    2.6M mysql-bin.000023
    124K mysql-bin.000024
    8.7M mysql-bin.000025
    4.9M mysql-bin.000026
    428K mysql-bin.000027
    372K mysql-bin.000028
    123M mysql-bin.000029
    17M mysql-bin.000030
    4.0K mysql-bin.000031
    700K mysql-bin.000032
    454M mysql-bin.000033
    14M mysql-bin.000034
    841M mysql-bin.000035
    388M mysql-bin.000036
    26M mysql-bin.000037
    728K mysql-bin.000038
    216M mysql-bin.000039
    228M mysql-bin.000040
    294M mysql-bin.000041
    14M mysql-bin.000042
    155M mysql-bin.000043
    13M mysql-bin.000044
    884K mysql-bin.000045
    13M mysql-bin.000046
    434M mysql-bin.000047
    206M mysql-bin.000048
    171M mysql-bin.000049
    528K mysql-bin.000050
    61M mysql-bin.000051
    330M mysql-bin.000052
    199M mysql-bin.000053
    64M mysql-bin.000054
    436K mysql-bin.000055
    17M mysql-bin.000056
    340K mysql-bin.000057
    116M mysql-bin.000058
    18M mysql-bin.000059
    23M mysql-bin.000060
    188M mysql-bin.000061
    40K mysql-bin.000062
    277M mysql-bin.000063
    4.0K mysql-bin.000064
    35M mysql-bin.000065
    258M mysql-bin.000066
    147M mysql-bin.000067
    79M mysql-bin.000068
    4.0K mysql-bin.000069
    4.0K mysql-bin.000070
    434M mysql-bin.000071
    4.0K mysql-bin.000072
    99M mysql-bin.000073
    52M mysql-bin.000074
    620K mysql-bin.000075
    428M mysql-bin.000076
    788K mysql-bin.000077
    4.0K mysql-bin.000078
    4.0K mysql-bin.000079
    126M mysql-bin.000080
    137M mysql-bin.000081
    428K mysql-bin.000082
    31M mysql-bin.000083
    4.0K mysql-bin.index
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    本文来自: mysql-bin.000001-x

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